Residential & Commercial Well Drilling

Serving Durango, Colorado & the Four Corners Area Since 1974

DAK Drilling has been serving Durango, Colorado and the Four Corners Area since 1974. In that time, our clients have trusted us to drill and install water wells to provide their drinking water. This is an honor and responsibility that we take seriously. We can proudly say that our experience has allowed us to stay ahead of our local competition by providing top quality customer service, using the best in drilling technology, installing quality well components, and following a sanitation regiment to ensure the best possible water from your location.

Our 3 drilling rigs are versatile and can use several different drilling methods to get a hole down. Typically we drill via air rotary and casing advance methods to complete wells but we can convert to a mud rotary or other drilling method if needed. We are your local drilling contractor and want to earn your business.

New or Replacement Wells

Our fully trained and licensed crews have been installing replacement wells for years. The depth, diameter, and volume of your well depends mainly upon the aquifer in place at your location but will also vary depending upon your unique requirements. Let us know if your well has failed and we can discuss the options for drilling a replacement.

Drilling a well can be a daunting task. We understand that and strive to help our customers navigate that process. Once the permitting is complete, DAK can devote one of our three rigs to your project to drill your well. We strive to meet or exceed your timeline while providing the highest quality well in the area.

Residential and Commercial Well Drilling

Environmental Wells

Our crews have drilled and installed environmental wells for years. Whether the well is for extraction, monitoring or sampling; DAK Drilling can help.

Gallery Wells and Cisterns

Gallery wells are unique and use traditional excavation techniques to install horizontal pipe and a gallery around the pipe.

We frequently install cisterns as a part of a new water system. Please contact us you’d like more information.