Well Pump Repair & Servicing

Low Water Pressure? No Water? We Can Help!

DAK has been a pump service contractor to the Durango and Pagosa Springs, CO area for 45 years and can help with any pump repair or well need you may have! We maintain a fleet of pulling units and service trucks to be able to respond quickly when your well shows signs of a problem. Whether that problem is as serious as a collapsed well or pump failure, or as simple as an electrical breaker, our knowledgeable water well service staff can typically diagnose the problem quickly and then proceed to repair the problem.

While many submersible pump and jet pump problems can be repaired or serviced onsite, replacement parts are sometimes needed. DAK Drilling stocks many of the most common items that fail and has relationships with several pump manufacturers and can order most pumps, motors or other replacement items that we don’t stock without significant delay. Please call and let us get your water flowing today!

Emergency After-Hours Service

During normal business hours, please call: (970) 247-9685
The After-Hours service phone number is: (970) 759-0577

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Service Trucks

We offer a fleet of newer service trucks so that we can reliably get to your location and repair the problem quickly. Our technicians have been performing pump and well service for many years and can typically isolate the problem quickly once onsite.

Pump Pulling and Plumbing

Our Service Technicians have been trained to service and install most major pump brands. Frequently, a pump or motor can be repaired on-site. If not, we have access to a wide variety of the most common pump brands to use as replacements.

Well Servicing

If your water symptoms point to a bigger problem than a faulty pump or electrical component, our service technicians have access to a well video camera. This downhole camera can help to identify well problems that go beyond most common pump problems.

Well Inspection Services

Well inspections verify information on the well report such as well location and well construction information and are commonly required as a part of a property purchase. DAK would be happy to help you with your well inspection.

Optional add-ons to the Well inspection are a pump test and a well video. Pump tests evaluate the volume capability of the well and measure other factors such as drawdown and static water level.

DAK Well Service offers the use of a downhole well video also. This video helps to identify well structural problems such as holes in casing or a collapse. This service can be added for a fee.

If you need a well inspection, a pump test or a well video, please call us at 970-247-9685.

DAK is a full service pump and well company servicing Durango, Pagosa Springs, and the Four Corners.

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