Gallery Wells – Engineered to Last

DAK Drilling and Well Service has been installing high quality gallery wells for years. Based out of Durango, CO and serving the Four Corners area, we install Gallery wells with engineered products designed to last without problem for many years.

Gallery wells are installed in areas that have saturated groundwater close to the surface. We typically see this occur close to a river or other body of water where a confining layer such as shale underlies the permeable ground. That layer prevents the water from moving downward and so it keeps the water close to the surface. Gallery wells are built to capture and pump that ‘trapped’ water. They act like a horizontal water well.

Gallery wells are built by excavating a horizontal length of ground to just above the confining layer. We then install a permeable plastic liner, a layer of engineered filtration gravel, install steel or PVC casing and screen lengthwise on top of the filtration gravel, and then create a ‘gallery’ around that screen by filling with more filtration gravel. We finish the well by wrapping the permeable liner over the top of the filtration gravel and re-cover with native soil.

We have constructed gallery wells for years and would appreciate the chance to talk with you about your project. Please contact us to discuss the options available to you.